Since 1989, our team has handled and developed quartz glass industry about 30 years. The team founder creater and R&D team always pay attention to revolution and innovation of quartz glass research, production, and processing technology:

Our history of quartz glass products:

In 1989, we have started to treat quartz glass powder;

In 1992, the founder and team were employed by State-owned Company in Lianyungang, with high salary in that period of time;

In 1995, we contracted Lianyungang Anbaili Quartz Glass Products Co., Ltd;

In 1996, we produced the first quartz glass rod in China; our method is one step continuous production;

In 1999, we produced the first big outer diameter quartz glass tube in China;

In 2002, we purchased Gangbu Crystal Co., Ltd, established Lianyungang Hi-tech Quartz Products Co., Ltd;

In 2003, we used our own technology to produce quartz twin tube.

In 2004, we produced high-pressured quartz tube, its wall thickness is very thick, and it is special shaped quartz glass tube (Used for water level of boiler). Meanwhile, we have applied the National Invention Patent of Quartz Twin Tube, Quartz Rod, and Special Quartz Tube for Water Level of Boiler.

From 2003 to 2007, published articles during the quartz glass meeting in China Academy of Building Materials

From 2008 to 2013, concentrated on R&D of quartz glass, and got several patents;

In 2014, the founder and team were employed by Guangdong Qingyuan XX Group;

Since 2014 to now, based on Grand Sources Hi-tech Materials Development Dalian Co., Ltd and opened a window to the world market, communicated and joined with abroad engineers and teams, discuss and test international advanced technology, develop new materials, find and integrated new resources, use new idea and products to face and welcome new development, new challenge, and new breakthrough…

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