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Grand Sources Hi-tech Materials Development Dalian Co., Ltd is a high technology enterprise which is majored for R&D, manufacture, processing and marketing of quartz glass products. Our main quartz glass products are various of quartz glass tubes, quartz glass rods, quartz glass twin tube, quartz glass plate & disc, quartz glass beads, quartz glass ingot, quartz glass big outer diameter tube, quartz glass domed tube, quartz glass instruments, fire working quartz glass products, cold working quartz glass products, and other kind of quartz glass products according to the drawing and requests of our customers. The center of R&D, manufacture and processing is located in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province. Our marketing center is located in beautiful coastal city Dalian which is in northeast of China. Main cargo shipment ports are in Qingdao, Dalian, Shanghai, Beijing and other ports according to our customers’ requests. 

Grand Sources Hi-tech Materials Development Dalian Co., Ltd use our stable patent technology, best quartz glass industry experiences, produce and process high quality products to supply for different customers in domestic and world market, we do our best to make all of our customers satisfied. Quartz glass products are widely used in Semi-conductor, Lighting, Communication engineering, Laser, Optical instruments, Laboratory instruments, Electrical equipment, Medical treatment equipment, Chemical apparatus, Food, Aerospace aviation, other industries and field of science and technology. 

The development of technology is our target and core power, we never change this concept and idea. We don’t want to make our enterprise much bigger, we only want to make our customers satisfied for every product, every item, and every project we’ve finished and supplied. We supply our own strong powerful products, we do the things which are in scope of our ability, we take into consideration for our customers diligently, and each product we supplied can be traceable.

As quartz glass industry is changing, challenge for environment protection, world economic structure is changing and other factors, we continuously adjust our business and products thinking, advance with the times, blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit. In 2016 we established Business division of new materials, based on quartz glass products and value added products, at same time, we enlarge and develop new projects in other industries, for example: develop new materials, utilize new resources, import and export health products and others. In future, except quartz glass industry, our business will referred to much more new fields, new products, open us wider business space, lay the foundation of our company in diversified development way.  

Deal with concrete matters relating to work in good faith. We are looking forward to making progress together and cooperating with you for a bright future. Thank you.

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